To achieve what you want requires motivation, commitment and willingness to change.

Even if you have all those things, the journey can be daunting on your own.

Lockley Associates understands the journey, helps you develop the resources and skills to get you there, and supports and encourages you along the way.

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Personal Coaching

Use our tailored coaching programmes to discover how to use your mind more effectively in achieving what you want.

Learn more about how personal coaching can help you achieve what you want, whether it is life balance or the perfect job for you.

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Business Coaching

Your staff are your single biggest asset. Invest in them now and see the positive effects on your business immediately.

Profit from business coaching with Lockley Associates and grow your business with staff that will grow with you.

Inner Negotiator

Negotiation can occur everywhere: when you're buying your house or car, organising a wedding, getting a salary rise - and on the high street, of course. But it's much more than that. The skills learnt allow you to plan to get the most out of your life, persuade, and influence those around you.

Save or make yourself thousands of pounds by developing your inner negotiator skills with the negotiation coach and author of How To Pay Less For More.

Reviewed in the Daily Mail, which wrote: 'A new book on how to haggle could be the best thing you buy this year'